New Podcast: Maine Rep. John Piotti Discusses Tax Reform in the Pine Tree State

July 15, 2009

Maine recently passed the most sweeping changes to the state’s tax code since the establishment of its income tax in 1969—in part due to the efforts of State Representative John Piotti, who introduced LD 1088, a bill that included a single flat rate individual income tax of 6.5 percent and an expansion of the sales tax. The legislation passed both the state House of Representatives and Senate in June, but at the urging of Governor Baldacci, the reforms were altered and reintroduced as LD 1495, which ultimately was signed into law.

Tax Foundation Staff Economist Kail Padgitt, who authored Tax Foundation Fiscal Fact No. 174 examining both proposals, interviews Representative Piotti.

Listen to the podcast (MP3) or view Tax Foundation Fiscal Fact No. 174, “The Pine Tree State Chops Down Income Tax.”

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