New Podcast: Free Enterprise Nation President Jim MacDougald

March 24, 2010

In this week’s Tax Policy Podcast, Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge interviews Jim MacDougald, president of the Free Enterprise Nation, an educational and advocacy organization representing individuals and businesses in the private sector — or as Jim puts it, “the NRA for the free enterprise sector of our economy.” Scott and Jim discuss the costs of health care reform, unfunded public employee pension liabilities and what the Free Enterprise Nation has identified as the “Top Five Economic Threats to America in 2010.”

The Free Enterprise Nation highlights “unrestrained spending, debt and taxes” as one of the biggest economic threats to the country this year. “So much has been promised that we don’t have the capability to pay for,” Jim says. “One way or another, we’re either going to have to break promises or we’re going to have to dig awfully deep to try to pay for these promises.”

In fact, a recent Tax Foundation report found that if Congress were to use only federal income taxes to close the deficit in 2010, income tax rates would more than double across the board. For more information, see Tax Foundation Fiscal Fact, No. 217, “Can Income Tax Hikes Close the Deficit?

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