August 16, 2011

New Issue of Tax Watch

Download Tax Foundation Tax Watch Summer 2011

Tax Watch is the Tax Foundation's quarterly tax policy newsletter, presenting our economic research and analysis in a simple, non-technical format—ideal for the non-economist looking for a clear explanation of current tax issues.

We’re constantly looking for better ways to disseminate our research to lawmakers, taxpayers and journalists. As part of that effort, we have redesigned Tax Watch. The Summer 2011 issue has a new look and more than double the page count of previous issues. We’ve also added more information on the work of our Center for Federal Fiscal Policy, Center for State Fiscal Policy, and Center for Legal Reform.

Feedback from Tax Watch readers helped greatly with this redesign, and we take all reader suggestions seriously.

Read the Summer 2011 issue below or download a PDF. Subscribers to our weekly email updates will be notified every time a new issue of Tax Watch is published.

Tax Foundation Tax Watch Summer 2011