Nebraska Governor Heineman Mentions Tax Foundation Report in State of the State Address

January 14, 2010

From Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman (R)’s speech this evening (PDF):

Three years ago, we passed the largest tax relief package in the history of the State. We repealed the estate tax, eliminated the marriage penalty, repealed the sales tax on construction labor, and lowered income taxes. Prior to those changes, the Tax Foundation ranked Nebraska as one of America’s Top 10 highest tax states. Their survey ranked Nebraska as having the 44th highest tax rates out of 50 states.

Today we have successfully reduced our ranking to 33rd, making Nebraska a more competitive and business-friendly state. That’s progress, but we have more to do. Taxes are still too high.

Read the State Business Tax Climate Index report here.

More on Nebraska here.

Neighboring Kansas Gov. Parkinson (D) also praised the Tax Foundation’s work in his State of the State address.

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