Massachusetts Building Wall on New Hampshire Border to Keep Shoppers In

April 1, 2012

Exasperated by business going across the border to low-tax New Hampshire, Massachusetts state officials have begun erecting a 50 foot tall, 10 foot thick wall along their 190-mile shared border.

Gov. Deval Patrick revealed the announcement via Twitter:

it’s important that all do our patriotic duty and stop flight out of state to protect domestic business.

The Fortress, as it has been nicknamed by the Department of Revenue which is overseeing the project, is lined with bean bag guns, caltrops, and a series of reinforced steel gates to keep consumers in state. All entrances to New Hampshire require a search for all cash, credit, and debit cards. On the way back there is a complete check for any electronics and cigarettes individuals may be trying to smuggle back, with law enforcement ready with newly-printed “use tax” forms.

Economist Paul Krugman chimed in with a supportive mention in his weekly column, arguing that the Wall is effective stimulus policy that will help Massachusetts’s economy grow significantly faster. He further suggested that New Hampshire should raise its personal income tax on the richest 1 percent to offset the lost sales tax revenue.

A spokesman for New Hampshire Governor John Lynch stated only that “[Governor] Patrick will rue the day.”

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