Maryland Tries to Lure E-Filers with YouTube Video Spoof

February 10, 2009

Some state lawmakers are determined to increase the number of electronically filed state income tax returns. Maryland legislators, in particular, are trying hard—maybe too hard?—to convince skeptical taxpayers to join the age of digital tax filing.

From the Miami Herald:

Maryland’s comptroller urges “real taxpayers of genius” to file their state taxes online this year in a YouTube video spoofing a memorable series of Bud Light ads.

Taxpayers frustrated by filling out traditional tax forms are shown enduring paper cuts and other hassles.

“Today, we salute you, Mr. Frustrated Taxpayer,” the announcer intones. Then, backed up by singers repeating his words in falsetto, he tells them they have an alternative – file their taxes electronically.

“Well done, e-filer, well done,” the announcer says as another taxpayer successfully files online and pumps his fists.

At the end, Comptroller Peter Franchot appears and reminds viewers to file online because it’s faster and easier than mailing in a return.

We miss the mouse puppet from Virginia’s YouTube video on e-filing.

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