Maryland Computer Services Tax is Last Straw for Some

March 17, 2008

Maryland’s recent tax increases, including the new tax on computer services, is the last straw for some:

Lawmakers’ efforts to impose a new sales tax on the computer services industry may have permanently tarnished Maryland’s reputation among some small-business owners there, raising the possibility that they will simply pack up and relocate across the border.[…]

“We’re thinking about moving everything to Delaware next year,” Thomas said. “From what we gather, we could probably save enough money in taxes to hire somebody.”

“The first thing that came to mind when this came up was, ‘Well, we’ll just pack up and move to Delaware,’ ” said Dana Seiler, a principal at Beacon Technologies, part of Vantage Point Solutions Group in Salisbury. “The impact is going to be huge.”

More here from the Delaware News-Journal.


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