Lunch Links: VP Candidates Battle on Taxes; Latest Date Hinted at for Trump Tax Return Release; Continued Shortfalls Lead Kansas Officials to Consider Ending Updates; Local Virginia Meals Tax Floated to Help Fund Education

October 5, 2016

Today is October 5, which is apparently National Do Something Nice Day. So pay it forward today!

Here are some interesting links I came across:

VP Debate on Taxes: Gov. Mike Pence briefly explained net operating losses while Sen. Tim Kaine brought up Trump’s tax returns several times Tuesday night. Eric Trump, speaking to CNN’s Dana Bash after the debate, said his father “absolutely” pays federal income tax and he has personally seen his father’s tax return. (The Hill)

Trump Hints at October Tax Return Release: Trump himself said he will release his 2015 return “as soon as it’s complete,” although his campaign declined to answer follow-up questions. Assuming Trump got a six-month extension, he would file his taxes by Oct. 17. (He Instagrammed signing his tax returns last October too). (The Wall Street Journal)

Trump’s Accountant Still Talking: Jack Mitnick, the same accountant who signed the released New Jersey tax return and confirmed its authenticity to The New York Times, told Inside Edition that Trump never saw the tax return until it was ready for signature. Mitnick was responding to Trump’s claim that he (Trump) brilliantly used tax laws to minimize his liability. (Politico)

Kansas Floats Ending Revenue Updates: Kansas officials are floating the idea of no longer issuing monthly revenue updates. The administration has missed revenue projections most months, leading to unwelcome scrutiny of the volatile pass-through exclusion that’s likely driving it. (Wichita Eagle)

Fairfax Hints at Meals Tax: Fairfax County, Virginia, may enact a meals tax to provide additional money to schools. (The Washington Post)

Taxing Non-Residential Housing: My colleague Emily Potosky looks at various efforts to impose taxes on housing owned by non-residents. (Tax Foundation)

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