Lunch Links: Gas Up, New Jersey, Before Tomorrow; Don’t Look for Trump Tax Returns Before Election; Former Olympia Mayors Solidly Oppose Income Tax Initiative; Sign Up for TF’s Annual Gala in November

October 31, 2016

Today is October 31, which of course is Halloween. Pumpkins are big on Halloween, and in October 2007, Iowa sent a notice to retailers reminding them that pumpkins bought for eating were tax-exempt but pumpkins bought for decorating were taxable, and to collect tax from customers accordingly. We gave the rule publicity, which sparked outrage, and led to its repeal.

Here are some interesting links I came across:

Clinton Team Hints at First 100-Day Priorities: The list includes immigration reform, a criminal justice overhaul, and an infrastructure package funded by business taxes. (Associated Press)

No Tax Returns from Trump: Vice presidential nominee Mike Pence and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway reiterated over the weekend that Trump won’t release his tax returns while they’re under audit. (Huffington Post)

France Advances Bill Raising Financial Transactions Tax: The rate would go from 0.2 percent to 0.3 percent, with the expected € 2 billion to € 4 billion to fund development. The vote was 285 to 242, with 24 abstaining, and the bill now goes to the Senate. (Bloomberg BNA)

Former Mayors of Olympia Oppose Olympia Income Tax: They argue Initiative 1 will face litigation, is uncollectable, and doesn’t fund a core priority. (The Olympian)

New Jersey’s Gas Tax Goes Up Tomorrow: Fill up today, you’ll pay 23 cents more per gallon tomorrow. (Associated Press)

Five Worst Ballot Initiatives: Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute provides his list. (Dan Mitchell)

Buy Your Tax Prom Tickets: Tax Prom hosted by the Tax Foundation is the must-attend event for the Capitol Hill tax community. Join us Thursday, Nov. 17 in D.C. for cocktails, dinner, and to meet the who’s-who of tax. Honorees will be Sen. Ron Wyden; Rep. Kevin Brady; and former W&M staffer Janice Mays.

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