Joke of the Day

September 22, 2008

Seeking a Monday laugh, a Tax Foundation employee brought the pamphlet pictured below into the office after receiving it in his Virginia mailbox from the RNC. (I wonder why they aren't sending these things to our employees that live in the District…) It reminds me of this classic Simpsons parody.

Anyway, we thought you'd get a laugh out of it considering John McCain does not support extending all of the Bush tax cuts (estate tax difference), as well as the fact that the health insurance tax credit McCain has proposed that is mentioned would offset the fact that employer-provided health insurance premiums would now be taxed in the income tax under his proposal (still a tax cut). Also, McCain does not favor doubling the child tax credit. He has said he favors doubling the personal exemption for dependents and there is a difference, and his proposal isn't really doubling it. And finally, the last claim (balance the budget)…LOL.

P.S. I love the pictures!

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