About the Global Tax Reform Program

About the Global Tax Reform Program

Our work has shifted the debate in the U.S. towards tax policies that lead to economic growth. Now, the Tax Foundation is working with partners abroad to spark a wave of reform across the globe.

Increasingly, officials at international groups and in governments around the world view tax policy exclusively as a tool to redistribute wealth and raise revenue, often under the guise of stopping corporate tax avoidance.

Our Global Tax Reform Program is working to change the tax narrative by advocating economically sound, data-driven tax policies that foster, rather than discourage, investment, competitiveness, and entrepreneurship.

Six Steps to Changing the Global Tax Narrative

Stand on Principle

The Tax Foundation’s guiding principles are that taxes should be neutral, simple, transparent, and stable. Policies that advance these principles will tend to be pro-growth.

Be Data-Driven

The Tax Foundation’s credibility has always been grounded in the reliability and usefulness of our data.

Follow the Rules of Sound Economics

Our work is grounded in sound economics. Studies show that taxes on capital are the most harmful taxes for economic growth. Thus, lawmakers should strive towards tax policies that lower the cost of capital and remove barriers to investment.

Cultivate Strong Partnerships

There are dozens of allied think tanks and taxpayer groups across the globe, each working independently to advance free-market ideas in their home country. Many are small, underfunded, and may lack technical expertise in tax policy. We aim to help them increase their “Tax IQ” so that they can be more effective in advocating for tax reform in their home countries.

Be at the Table with Key Decision-makers

The best way to steer policies in a pro-growth direction is to be in the room as the decisions are being made and tailor policy recommendations to the unique economy and culture of each location. We will apply a hands-on approach to advancing tax reform at the international level.

Use Tools that Motivate Change

Our tools and rankings are infused with our principles of sound tax policy and economics. Our International Tax Competitiveness Index rewards countries that have low marginal rates and a neutral tax code Our annual comparisons of tax burdens on labor, corporate tax rates, and capital cost recovery provisions give countries important insight into how they compare on key elements of tax competitiveness. Together, these tools and others can help allies advocate for pro-growth tax policies.

How Can I Get Involved?

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