Frequently Asked Questions on Our New Study of Taxes and Government Spending

March 28, 2007

We have just released a frequently asked questions section regarding our study entitled “Who Pays Taxes and Who Receives Government Spending?” This FAQ answers many questions that are common in the fiscal incidence literature.

The questions addressed include:

• Why did you publish this study?
• Has this type of study ever been done before?
• Is your study relevant to tax and spending debates?
• Does your study really tell us who “benefits” from government spending?
• Are those government spending totals really money that households can spend?
• Aren’t your findings just an illusion caused by Medicare and Social Security that go to low income seniors?
• Do government deficits and surpluses affect your numbers?
• How do you treat “public goods” like national defense in the study?
• Doesn’t government just waste all our money?

Click here to read the full FAQ.

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