May 15, 2012

Follow-Up Information from the 10/14/09 State Tax Working Group

Additional Information from Scott Moody of the Maine Heritage Policy Center concerning the TABOR efforts in Maine:

  • Ads run by TABOR opponents:

  • Paper by Scott Moody and Barry Poulson:

  • Another on 300 million reasons to vote for TABOR:

  • Maine’s private sector workforce smaller today than it was ten years ago . . . but government employment is up:

  • Property taxes up, but majority of Maine towns lose population:

  • To view all TABOR related articles (including non-MHPC):

Additional Information from the Franklin Center:

Data on total state revenues from 1993 to 2008 is presented below and at the bottom of the page in an Excel sheet. The data can also be accessed here:

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