Federal Income Tax Burden Now Available by County, Congressional District, and MSA

January 17, 2007

As part of our continuing effort to illustrate the regional burdens of taxes, we have posted three more datasets relating to federal income taxes. We used IRS zip code-level data to estimate what each county, congressional district, and major city area pay in federal individual income taxes.

As with the AMT, the highest paying area is around New York City. Manhattan tops the list of counties, while New York’s 14th congressional district, represented by Carolyn Maloney (D), is number one in terms of congressional districts. Maloney’s district ranked second in the percentage of tax returns that were hit by AMT, as seen in the data released here last week.

Below are links for all three new datasets:

Federal Individual Income Tax Burden by County

Federal Individual Income Tax Burden by Congressional District

Federal Individual Income Tax Burden by MSA

Later this spring, the Tax Foundation will release a Special Report ranking the total federal tax burden paid inside each of these three geographic units. The report will include federal payroll taxes (i.e. Social Security), federal corporate income taxes, and federal excise taxes, in addition to the federal individual income tax numbers provided here.

See related Fiscal Fact here.

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