Tax Prom 2020: A Tribute to Congressional Staff


Every year, for 83 years, the Tax Foundation has hosted its end-of-year gala, Tax Prom. In that respect (and perhaps only in that respect!), 2020 will be no different.

Dust off your gowns and tuxes (or at least the top half of your tuxes) because for the first time ever, Tax Prom is going online. Using a state-of-the-art events platform, we’re bringing together the tax community virtually this November 19th, in the same spirit of camaraderie and celebration we do every year.

At the heart of the evening will be a special program paying tribute to Congressional Staff, the unsung heroes in Congress. These people are the glue that holds Congress together, who draft the bills, sweat the details, and work late into the night.

This one-hour, livestreamed celebration will kick off at 5 p.m. ET on November 19th and feature voices from leaders across the tax community, including:

  • A Tribute to Barrier Breakers: Join us in honoring the tax staffers who have shattered gender, race, and political barriers over the years, making the tax policy world better in the process.
  • A Trip Down Memory Lane: Hear from prominent staffers from the ’70’s through the 2000’s, including behind-the-scenes stories of their experiences on Capitol Hill and at Tax Proms past.
  • A Members Tribute to Staff: Tune in for a special message from House Ways and Means Committee and Senate Finance Committee chairmen past and present.

If you’re tired of all-day Zoom-a-thons, in addition to this one-hour tribute, Tax Prom 2020 will also offer unique and fun ways to connect with the who’s who of the tax community throughout the evening.

Tax Prom 2019 Was Joined by

It may not be as elegant as rubbing elbows at the National Building Museum, and food and drinks will be on you this year, but our online event platform will still offer:

  • A browsable list of all event attendees and the ability to send one-on-one messages
  • Virtual “cocktail hours” before and after the featured livestream
  • An open chatroom for attendees to mix and mingle
  • Additional video content featuring interviews with leading staffers and members
  • Head-to-head, online challenges with a real-time leaderboard
  • Numerous sponsorship opportunities, which you can read more about here

To reserve your spot for Tax Prom 2020, click one of the links below.

For more information about attending as a member of Congress, legislative staffer, or executive branch official, please contact Tyler Parks at

For more information about becoming a sponsor of Tax Prom 2020, please contact Aida Vazquez-Soto at

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