November 7, 2006

Election Day Tax Issues

A roundup of recent Tax Foundation research and blog posts pertaining to Election Day tax issues:

Proposed Gas Tax Increase in California California’s Prop. 87 Fails Economics 101, by Jonathan Williams, November 3, 2006 Click here for more on gasoline taxes.

Proposed Cigarette Tax Increases in California, Arizona, South Dakota and MissouriCalifornia Cigarette Tax Proposal Would Hurt State’s Poorest, by Andrew Chamberlain and Patrick Fleenor, October 28, 2006 Smugglers and Thieves Await Passage of California’s Prop. 86 Cigarette Tax Hike, by Patrick Fleenor, October 12, 2006 California Schemin’: Cigarette Tax Evasion and Crime in the Golden State, by Patrick Fleenor, October 5, 2006 Who Do You Know Who Smokes?, by William Ahern, October 22, 2006 Click here for more on cigarette taxes.

Tax Reform in Ohio’s Gubernatorial RaceTaxing Times in the Buckeye State, by Jonathan Williams, October 9, 2006

Property Taxes in Pennsylvania Gubernatorial RacePennsylvania Gubernatorial Challenger Campaigns on Property Tax Issue, by Alicia Hansen, September 29, 2006 For more on property taxes, click here.

Estate Taxes in Washington State Washington voters will decide whether to repeal the state’s estate tax. The Tax Foundation Special Report Death and Taxes: The Economics of the Federal Estate Tax provides an overview of estate taxes and analyzes arguments for and against them. Click here for more on estate taxes.