Don’t Tax You, Don’t Tax Me…Tax That Guy Behind the Tree

August 25, 2005

Once again, a city seeking additional revenue is looking to outsiders for help in the form of an increase in the hotel tax. This time it is the Mile High City. Why you ask? In order to raise money for a marketing campaign aimed at bringing in more tourists, of course. In today’s Denver Post:

The Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau will kick off a roughly $500,000 campaign today in an effort to persuade Denver voters to approve an increase by 1 percentage point of the city’s lodging tax.

“I think we have a very strong message — it’s all about improving our economy and having the visitor pay to help us do that,” convention bureau president Richard Scharf said.

If approved in November, Denver’s hotel tax would increase from 13.85 percent to 14.85 percent. That would pump an additional $4 million into the convention bureau’s $8.6 million annual budget. The funds would be used to promote Denver as a destination for tourists and conventioneers.

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In the spirit of full disclosure and not wanting to take advantage of the consumer, we feel that the city should note this 14.85 percent tax rate in its marketing of how great a place Denver is to visit or hold a convention.


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