Since 1937, the Tax Foundation has been leading the way towards pro-growth tax reform. In 1939, we received our first business donation and, since then, we’ve taken pride in the support of the business community, which, like many taxpayers, is often negatively affected by poor tax policy.

Support Our Business Tax Research

We encourage you to support our research on the impact of tax reform on the business community and the economy at large.

We’re always welcoming new companies to join our Federal Advisory Panel and State Tax Working Group and offer the opportunity to support specific projects, like our cutting-edge Taxes and Growth Model, year-long working groups and initiatives, and chart book and reform book programs that aid states in developing tax proposals.

We’re also always looking for sponsors for our Annual Dinner, affectionately known as “Tax Prom,” the only time those interested in tax policy across the spectrum can gather at one event to share ideas and make new connections.

If you’d like to learn more about our programs, initiatives, and other opportunities to support smart, pro-growth tax policy, fill out the form at the link below.

Federal Advisory Panel and State Tax Working Group

Through our Federal Advisory Panel and State Tax Working Group programs, we offer the opportunity for our supporters to meet regularly with Tax Foundation leadership and key state and federal decision makers to learn more about the tax issues facing the business community. Advisory Panel and Working Group meetings are collaborative working environments where you have the opportunity to:

  • Connect with key legislative members and staff
  • Stay informed on important state and federal tax developments
  • Share your tax policy questions and concerns
  • Help identify ways to positively influence the tax reform debate towards the principles of sound tax policy

2017 Gross Receipts Tax Initiative

The Tax Foundation’s 2017 Gross Receipts Tax Initiative brings together leaders from the tax policy and business communities to inform legislators and voters about the economic dangers of gross receipts taxes.

Taxes and Growth Model (TAG)

The Tax Foundation’s TAG Model is a tool we use to evaluate the economic impact of taxes. It estimates the effect that specific tax policy proposals have on wages, jobs, the cost of capital, federal revenue, and the overall size of the economy.

Our model aims to inform and educate members of Congress, congressional staffers, journalists, individuals, and businesses about the consequences of both good and poor tax policy. We are even expanding the model this year to gauge the impact of federal spending on taxes to give a more complete picture of the economic effects of certain policies.

80th Annual Tax Prom

For 80 years now, the Tax Foundation’s annual dinner has been an institution for the tax community’s best, brightest, and most influential.

Join us in November 2017 for our 80th annual Tax Prom, and find out why hundreds of people say this is the tax world’s most celebrated event of the year.

  • Engage with more than 600 of the tax community’s most influential executive branch officials, congressional staffers, members of Congress, Fortune 500 companies, and think tanks.
  • Establish yourself or your organization as a critical voice in the tax reform debate.
  • Promote your brand to the D.C. tax community.

You can’t afford to miss it!