DC Metro’s Financial Future Uncertain

October 30, 2008

Joe Henchman blogged earlier today on the impact of the financial crisis and AIG’s demise on transit agencies like the D.C. Metro system. So what would happen if a Belgian bank took over Metro? Thanks to Bablefish, we provide the necessary info for riders may need to learn a little Dutch (which is what a majority of Belgium speaks according to Wiki; Flemish = Belgian Dutch):

“Wij zullen bewegen” – “We will be moving momentarily.”

“overblijvende vertragingen” – “residual delays”

“De trein ervaart mechanische moeilijkheden.” – “Train is experiencing mechanical difficulties.”

“deur defect” – “door malfunction”

“bus ongeval” – “bus accident”

“slimme reis” – “smart trip”

“De volgende liften zijn buiten dienst” – “The following elevators are out of service.”

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