Data on Education Revenue by State

October 11, 2006

We have posted a new dataset to our website on sources of education revenue. Given the popularity of the property tax statistics tables that we have posted, many have asked the question of what role education plays in property taxes. In response, we have compiled a table that shows where education revenue comes from across the fifty states.

In some states, property taxes drive most of the funding of education revenue. In other states, intergovernmental transfers from state level governments or even the federal government can be the main source of education revenue. For example, Alaska receives nearly 20 percent of its education revenue from the federal government. On the other hand, Connecticut receives only 5 percent of its total education revenue from the federal government, which is likely due to two facts: (1) it receives less than other states in education funding as a result of certain formulas, and (2) it spends a lot more at the local level on education and therefore receives high amounts of education revenue at the local level, which drives down the fraction of total education revenue that comes from other sources.

We will update the table accordingly when new data is released by the Census Bureau. If anyone is interested in obtaining further education finance data by county, school district, or state, one should visit the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) website, which is through the Department of Education.


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