“Crocodile Dundee” Star Defiant About Income Tax Investigation

July 7, 2008

From E! Online:

Actor Paul Hogan, star of the 1980s classic Crocodile Dundee, has some fighting words for the Australian tax man: “Come and get me, you miserable bastards.”

The 68-year-old actor is being investigated for tax evasion by the Australian Tax Office, which has asked the IRS in the United States to help obtain Hogan’s bank records.

“I don’t give a s–t about it—I’ve got nothing to worry about,” he told reporters from his home in Santa Barbara, Calif. “I’ve paid more than every cent I owe, I paid too much, I paid tax there when I didn’t have to.”

More from the AP:

Hogan lives in Santa Barbara, Calif., and said he’ll be returning to Australia in September to make a movie.

The actor predicted that he’ll be arrested the minute he lands.

“I’ll be arrested the minute I land on the shore, of course, but I have a gun; so be warned,” Hogan joked.

The governments allege that Hogan and his business partner are concealing income abroad without paying required taxes. Hogan counters that he is being targeted simply because he’s well-known.

We covered another celebrity tax evasion claim (Wesley Snipes) here and here.

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