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The Tax Foundation’s Center for State Tax Policy produces and markets timely and high-quality data, research, and analysis on state fiscal issues that influence the debate toward economically principled tax policies.

Our experts are routinely relied upon for presentations, testimony, and media appearances on state tax and fiscal policy, and our website is a comprehensive resource for information on tax and spending policy in each U.S. state. For information on your state, click on the map to the right.

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Improve tax climate and stop R.I. exodus

October 29, 2007

Governor O’Malley’s Tax Plan Puts Maryland at Risk in Regional Tax Competition

October 26, 2007

Governor O’Malley’s Tax Plan Puts Maryland at Risk in Regional Tax Competition (text of speech)

October 26, 2007

Corporate Tax Burden by Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), 2005

October 24, 2007

Corporate Income Taxes Paid by Congressional District

October 24, 2007

Federal Taxes Paid vs. Federal Spending Received by State, 1981-2005

October 19, 2007

A Taxing Problem

October 16, 2007

New State Business Tax Climate Index Released; Wyoming Is #1

October 11, 2007

Federal Spending Received Per Dollar of Taxes Paid by State, 2005

October 9, 2007

Oklahoma Lottery Goes to the Dogs–Literally

September 13, 2007

New Census Data Shows Where Property Taxes Hit Homeowners Hardest

September 12, 2007

Poker tournaments must withhold part of winnings for taxes

September 4, 2007

Transparency in the New York Lottery

August 15, 2007

Indian Gambling Tax Case Argued

August 14, 2007

K-12 Spending More Reliant on Federal Government Since No Child Left Behind Act

July 30, 2007

Appropriation by Litigation: Estimating the Cost of Judicial Mandates for State and Local Education Spending

July 26, 2007

Itemization Rates by State, 2005

July 24, 2007

Most Americans Don’t Itemize on Their Tax Returns

July 23, 2007

How to Support the Government Through Gambling

July 19, 2007

Gambling with Tax Policy: States’ Growing Reliance on Lottery Tax Revenue

July 3, 2007