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The Tax Foundation’s Center for State Tax Policy produces and markets timely and high-quality data, research, and analysis on state fiscal issues that influence the debate toward economically principled tax policies. Our experts are routinely relied upon for presentations, testimony, and media appearances on state tax and fiscal policy, and our website is a comprehensive resource for information on tax and spending policy in each U.S. state. For information on your state, click on the map to the right.

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State Tax Collections and Rates

March 1, 1999

State Tax Rates and 1996 Collections

February 1, 1998

State Tax Rates and 1995 Collections

October 1, 1996

The Approaching State Corporate Income Tax Crisis

September 10, 1995

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June 1, 1995

The Taxation of Energy in the U.S.: Who Pays?

March 1, 1994

Current Issues in Local Government Finance

March 1, 1994

State Tax Rates and Collections in 1993

January 1, 1994

Survey of State Rates and Collections

October 1, 1992

The Corporate Tax Burden

January 1, 1990

Lotteries: Entering the Big Time in State Finance

November 11, 1987

Business Tax Burdens-II

January 24, 1986

VAT After All?

August 5, 1985

Tax Review: The Honest Citizen’s Guide to Revenue Sharing

October 1, 1971

State and Local Sales Taxes

August 1, 1970

Nontax Revenues

December 1, 1968

Medicaid: State Programs After Two Years

June 1, 1968

Urban Mass Transportation in Perspective

April 1, 1968

City Income Taxes

December 1, 1967

Handbook of State and Local Government Finance

December 1, 1966