Center for Federal Tax Policy

The Tax Foundation’s Center for Federal Tax Policy produces timely and high-quality data, research, and analysis on federal tax issues that influences the debate toward economically principled policies.

The mission of our federal program is to promote tax and fiscal policy that leads to greater U.S. competitiveness, higher economic growth, and improved quality of life for all taxpayers.

We have a number of projects that help us educate taxpayers, journalists, and policymakers on tax policy at the federal level and how the U.S. tax system compares internationally.

The Tax Foundation’s Center for Economic Analysis takes a quantitative approach to analyzing federal tax policies and proposals using our Taxes and Growth (TAG) macroeconomic model.

Since 2015, the TAG model has been used to analyze dozens of legislative and campaign tax proposals, including every major tax plan put forth during the 2016 presidential campaigns, the House GOP’s 2016 Tax Reform Blueprint, and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

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Federal Tax Burdens in States and Metropolitan Areas

April 1, 1974

Tax Review: Social Security Taxes: Regressivity and Subsidies

December 1, 1973

Issues In Federal Tax Revision: Tax Developments in 1973

November 15, 1973

Tax Review: Taxing Capital Gains

August 1, 1973

Tax Review: Estate and Gift Tax Revision

May 1, 1973

Federal Grants: The Need for Reform

December 1, 1972

Tax Review: Capital Gains, Losses in Income Taxation

December 1, 1972

Tax Review: Taxpayer Choices in Future Tax Shifts

November 1, 1972

Tax Review: Improving U.S. Budget Choices

November 1, 1971

Tax Review: The Honest Citizen’s Guide to Revenue Sharing

October 1, 1971

Tax Review: Revising Estate Taxation

April 1, 1971

Pollution Control: Perspectives on the Government Role

January 1, 1971

Federal Trust Funds: Budgetary and Other Implications

December 1, 1970

Tax Review: Tax Credits as Instruments for Social or Economic Policy

August 1, 1970

Tax Review: The Control of Government Expenditures

January 1, 1970

Tax Credits: Past Experience and Current Issues

November 1, 1969

Tax Review: The Future Role of Social Security

November 1, 1969

Federal Civilian Employment, Pay, and Benefits

May 1, 1969

The Corporation Income Tax: An Examination of Its Role in the Federal Tax System

December 1, 1968

Nontax Revenues

December 1, 1968