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About the State Partners Forum

High-quality research is irrelevant if it goes unread. Every year our team is on the ground in more than 35 states, testifying, presenting, and working closely with governors, key policymakers, and business leaders.

Through the Tax Foundation’s State Partners Forum, we provide a unique setting where Tax Foundation experts, business leaders, trade associations, and decision-makers can connect with one another and stay up-to-date on state tax trends.  

The Strategy of State Tax Reform

Using strategic outreach and three types of publications, our state policy team helps states make lasting changes to their state tax code that in turn enable people and businesses to flourish.

  1. Rank: The first step to improving policy is recognizing where there is a problem. Each year, our team releases a new edition of our flagship publication, the State Business Tax Climate Index, which compiles the rankings of all 50 states based on the structure of their tax code.
  2. Educate: Some states need accurate information assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their tax systems. Our state products, from chart books filled with eye-catching graphics and colorful data to reform books packed with detailed analysis and recommendations, tell the story of the state’s tax issues. And our testimony and in-person educational campaigns provide legislators and stakeholders with practical knowledge about their state’s tax challenges.
  3. Solve: When a state is ripe for reform, our team is there to help. Our economists meet in person with businesses, taxpayers, and policymakers to compile a menu of options for real, lasting reform. We put these recommendations all in one book—reform guides—providing a detailed game plan for legislators as they move toward meaningful tax reform.

How We’re Guiding the State Tax Debate

Every year our team is on the ground in more than 35 states, testifying, presenting, and working closely behind the scenes with governors, key policymakers, and business leaders.

When tax proposals pop up in states, our team of economists and policy analysts engage with stakeholders and policymakers to help them understand exactly how these tax proposals would impact their economy, businesses, taxpayers, and their state’s ranking in our State Business Tax Climate Index.


Arkansas state legislators and their governor wanted to make their tax code more competitive so we provided them an assortment of recommendations through our reform guide series—Arkansas: The Road Map to Tax Reform. After the release, they passed one of our proposed recommendations that repealed an onerous tax on business inputs. The repeal of this law simplified their tax code, improved their business tax climate, and made their tax code more competitive among their bordering states.


We published new analysis, leveraged our large body of research, and designed infographics to communicate the economic implications of Governor Edwards’ gross receipts tax proposal. Within days of mobilizing, and after testifying to the state’s Ways and Means Committee, the proposal was scrapped.


We produced Ohio Illustrated: A Visual Guide to Taxes & the Economy, which aims to help policymakers, voters, the business community, and the media understand Ohio’s current tax system and its economy as a whole. It also highlights, ranks, and provides detailed charts on each of Ohio’s taxes—individual income taxes, business taxes, sales and excise taxes, wireless taxes, and property taxes.


We briefed over 1,000 business leaders, academics, journalists, policymakers, and taxpayers, and authored 20 articles explaining the devastating impact a gross receipts tax would have on Oregon consumers and businesses.

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