Blog Looks at Maryland, Virginia Taxes

August 22, 2008

Blue Ridge Forum, a blog on Maryland and Virginia regional issues, quotes Tax Foundation materials in assessing the area’s tax burdens:

What would taxpayer advocates do without the Tax Foundation?

Last week, that non-partisan professional group published a most instructive “County and City Income Taxes Clustered in States with Poor Tax Climates” here.[…]

The Foundation followed up here this week with a list of Maryland county income taxesnoting that: “Nonresidents are not subject to the county income tax, but must pay to the state an amount equivalent to the lowest county tax rate (currently 1.25% – Maryland residents should thank Worcester County for keeping this low!).”

The Forum goes on to discuss Josh Barro’s blog post “State Lawmakers Promote Sound Tax Policy by Doing Nothing.”

Check it out here.

Blog posts on Maryland and blog posts on Virginia.

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