Blackwell Argues for Major Tax Reform in Ohio

July 21, 2006

Ohio’s Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell, is making a concerted effort to feature tax reform during his gubernatorial campaign – and by many accounts, Ohio needs it. From State Tax Today:

“In addition to moving Ohio’s income tax to a single-rate system, Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, the GOP candidate for governor, wants to eliminate the stand-alone estate tax and reduce the state sales tax as part of his economic development plan.”

“Ohio has too many impediments to job creation and business expansion,” Blackwell said in a statement. “Our taxes are too high, our government is too big and we are not taking advantage of available resources. We must move beyond the status quo and become competitive with neighboring states by cutting taxes and streamlining government, or we will continue to lose jobs and talented young people.”

In fact, over the last quarter century, Ohio has been transformed from a low-tax state, to a high-tax jurisdiction. As recent as 1977, Ohio’s state and local tax burden was third lowest nationally. Today, residents of the Buckeye State pay an average of 12 percent in state and local taxes – by that measure, Ohio’s taxpayers have the third highest tax burden in the nation.

Recently, members of Tax Foundation’s state tax team traveled to Ohio to present findings from two of our recent studies on Ohio’s tax structure. To read their findings, click here – To read more about Ohio’s tax system, click here.


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