Best of the Blogosphere: From Wisconsin to Massachusetts to Obama

November 19, 2008

The latest sampling from our friends in blogosphere:

  • North Shore Exponent, a blog of the North Shore Strategy and Consulting Group, mentions that Wisconsin is #38 in our State Business Tax Climate Index, declaring that “with Wisconsin facing a five billon dollar budget deficet and now the prospects of higher taxes and fees, and government run health care Wisconsin cannot afford to slip no more.”
  • Dan Kennedy, Assistant Professor at the Northeastern School of Journalism and writer for the Guardian (UK), CommonWealth Magazine, and the Boston Phoenix, points out in his Media Nation blog that Massachusetts is 23rd in our State-Local Tax Burden ranking in rebutting a point made by Boston Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham.
  • Terry Johnson’s BizIdeas blog makes mention of a previous study on who at certain income levels pays what amount of income taxes, saying that “the top 1 percent of taxpayers paid 40% of the federal income taxes,” the “top 5 percent paid 60 percent of federal income taxes,” and “the bottom 33% of wage earners contributed 0% to the federal income taxes.”
  • Linen DeFiller spoke with our own Gerald Prante, Senior Economist, about Obama’s tax plan and writes on the Million Face blog that President-Elect Obama’s economically-related cabinet appointments “may give a clue about whether the new president ‘will be more hawkish on the deficit, or whether he will be more Keynesian and focus on short-run economic stimulus.'”

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