Best of the Blogosphere: Maryland & the State Business Tax Climate Index

October 15, 2008

This morning, the Tax Foundation went to the Maryland State House in Annapolis to announce that the “Free State” made the biggest one-year decline in our annual ranking of the “business-friendliness” of each states’ tax systems: from 24th in 2008 to 45th in 2009. Why? Maryland’s drop is attributable to an increase in most of the state’s major taxes for FY 2009: the corporate income tax, sales tax, cigarette excise tax, and personal income tax rate, which is now worst personal income tax in the country, with a significantly lower score than second-place California.

While we were competing with Gov. O’Malley’s meeting with the Board of Public Works over his final proposed budget cuts, and a protest from a group that wanted no more cuts to the Developmental Disabilities Administration, we still got in several interviews with local press. But we wanted to give a shout out to our friends in the “series of tubes”:

Now that we have the bad news out of the way (New Jersey and Maryland), look for “good-news” stories from the Index soon.

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