Best of the Blogosphere: 2009 State Business Tax Climate Index

October 10, 2008

On Monday, we released our 2009 State Business Tax Climate Index. Wyoming ranks first, while New Jersey ranks last. Because of New Jersey’s “achievement,” we decided to go up to Trenton on Monday to unveil our Index to a group of Garden State lawmakers, while they were holding hearings on what to expect regarding revenue through this economic crisis. Josh Barro, the author of the Index, continued on to Ohio and Rhode Island this week to discuss our study.

While some newspaper editorial boards, like the Asbury Park Press, bemoaned New Jersey’s ranking, we also received a lot of new media attention from New Jersey:

  • In the Lobby uses the Index to connect New Jersey’s economic climate to the state’ impending fiscal crisis.
  • New Jersey Business Matters calls for some sort of reform to improve New Jersey’s competitiveness.
  • Alice’s Restaurant gives us an opportunity to talk about what characteristics make up sound tax policy: simplicity, transparency, stability neutrality, and pro-growth.
  • Conservatives with Attitude takes Josh’s recommendations for New Jersey into consideration: letting the corporate tax rate fall as planned, broadening the sales tax base, and reforming the estate and inheritance taxes.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN 6th District) writes about the Index and Minnesota’s business climate in the Congress Blog from The Hill. And NewsCopy New York celebrates the fact that it is one spot better than New Jersey.


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