Beer Tax Map

November 25, 2008

Click here for the newest Beer Tax Map and information on the proposal to raise the beer tax in Oregon.

Click on image for larger size version of “State Excise Tax Rates on Beer”

Beer Tax Map

Alaska has the highest tax rate, where residents (Sarah Palin, for instance) would pay $16.58 in beer taxes on a keg of beer. Wyoming has the lowest rate, and residents (Dick Cheney, for instance) would pay only 31 cents in beer taxes on a keg.

Maine residents recently repealed a briefly enacted beverage tax which raised their beer tax rate to 54 cents.

It’s hard to say why beer taxes are highest where they are and lowest where they are. Anyone have some good ideas?

UPDATE: We fixed an error in Idaho’s rate calculation. They tax 5% ABV beer at 15 cents, and higher-point beer at a higher rate.

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