November 18, 2004

67th National Conference and Annual Dinner

Download Special Remarks: Chairman Bill Thomas, House Ways and Means CommitteeDownload Second Panel: ”How will Large Advanced Economies Respond to these Trends?”Download First Panel: ”Tax Reform: Lessons from Successful Small Open Economies”Download Background Paper: ”Fundamental Tax Reform: Experience of OECD Countries,” by Jeffrey OwensDownload Third Panel: ”Principles of Fundamental Tax Reform”Download 2004 Conference ScheduleDownload Annual Dinner: Distinguished Service Awards PresentationsDownload Introductory Remarks: Jeffrey Owens, Director, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, O.E.C.D. ParisDownload Keynote Address: Samuel W. Bodman, Deputy Secretary of the United States Treasury

The following remarks were presented at the Tax Foundation’s 67th National Conference, “Global Tax Reform: Who’s Leading, Who’s Lagging and Is the U.S. in the Race?”