2007 State-Local Tax Burdens Released

April 4, 2007

We released the 2007 state-local tax burdens today. State-local taxes will take a record setting 11 percent of the nation’s income in 2007.

States, especially those with progressive income tax codes, are collecting more revenue as the economic expansion continues and income continues to grow. On the local level, localities are collecting more revenue due to the surge in real estate prices that has increased property tax revenues.

Vermont has the highest tax burden in 2007, as Vermont taxpayers will see 14.1 percent of their income taken by state-local taxes. Alaska taxpayers, on the other hand, have the nation’s lowest state-local burden; they will pay just 6.6 percent of their income in state-local taxes.

The full report details the remaining states’ tax burdens. Also included are each state’s rank, their burden and rank over time, and how each state’s burden compares to its regional burden.

For an additional run down of each state’s burden and rank overtime, see here.


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