Putting a Face on America's Tax Returns

Who are the rich and poor in America today? Are they Wall Street investors, small business owners, working mothers or college students? These questions matter for tax policy. But too often tax debates ignore them, relying on false assumptions about “rich” and “poor” that don’t reflect the changing face of American taxpayers.

The Putting a Face on America’s Tax Returns project aims to examine these assumptions, and the redistributive “rich vs. poor” arguments that rely on them. By “putting a face” on sterile tax data, the Tax Foundation hopes to supplant abstract discussions of "class warfare" with concrete, detailed portraits of the taxpayers behind the numbers—leading to a more sensible debate over U.S. tax policy.

View our new Putting a Face on America’s Tax Returns chartbook here.

Additional questions about the Putting a Face on America's Tax Returns project? Contact us at (202) 464-6200.

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