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The Tax Foundation's Center for Federal Tax Policy produces timely and high-quality data, research, and analysis on federal tax issues that influences the debate toward economically principled policies. 

The mission of our federal program is to promote tax and fiscal policy that leads to greater U.S. competitiveness, higher economic growth, and improved quality of life for all taxpayers.

We have a number of projects that help us educate taxpayers, journalists, and policymakers on tax policy at the federal level and how the U.S. tax system compares internationally. 

Taxes and Growth Project

Our Taxes and Growth Project sets out to evaluate the effect of taxes on the economy.

Taxes and Growth Model (TAG)

We use our Taxes and Growth model (TAG) to estimate the impact of tax changes on investment, wages, jobs, federal revenue, and the overall size of the economy. The TAG model is comprised of two components: (1) a tax calculator that can be thought of as a TurboTax for the entire country; and (2) a neoclassical growth model that is driven primarily by changes in the cost of labor and the cost of capital.

Comparing Tax Reform Plans of the 2016 Presidential Candidates

The Tax Foundation will use our Taxes and Growth model to analyze the tax reform plans of the presidential candidates in 2016 and we invite all candidates to have us score their tax reform plan. See how the plans compare.

Taxes and Growth Fellowship Program

The Taxes and Growth Fellowship Program is our training program for young, talented economists. Through our three-month and one-year fellowships, we provide new economists with the educational instruction and hands on experience they need to understand, operate, and build macroeconomic and tax models. For interested individuals, apply here.

Center for Federal Tax Policy Data:

Tax and economic data can be intimidating, so Tax Foundation economists have compiled this information in a user-friendly format.

Special Projects:

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