Tax Foundation University: Growing the Economy

August 28, 2013

The Tax Foundation's Steve Entin and Dr. William McBride discuss how to ensure that tax reform grows the economy.

Stephen J. Entin is a Senior Fellow at the Tax Foundation. Previously, he was President and Executive Director at the Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation (IRET), a pro-free market economic public policy research organization based in Washington DC. He advised the National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform (the Kemp Commission), assisted in the drafting of the Commission's report, and was the author of several of its support documents. Mr. Entin served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy at the Department of the Treasury during the Reagan administration. Among other innovations during his time in the Treasury Department, he is responsible for indexing tax brackets to inflation in the 1981 tax cuts.

William McBride is Chief Economist at the Tax Foundation. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University, where his dissertation involved using agent-based modeling and simulation to analyze the effect of various banking regimes, including free banking, on asset prices.

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