Loyalty Society

Monthly giving offers a convenient way for you to support the Tax Foundation throughout the year.

Levels range between $10 and $250 per month and gifts of $83.34 or more for 12 months will qualify you as a member of the President's Circle (with benefits including two tickets to the annual dinner in November). Of course, if you’d like to contribute more, you can contact Lexxie Monahan at lmonahan@taxfoundation.org to choose your own amount.

The first gift will be transacted immediately after you register with your credit card below. Subsequent gifts will be processed on the same day each month (i.e. if you begin giving on the 18th of April, your second gift will be processed on the 18th of May, and so forth).

You're welcome to cancel your subscription anytime, and can do so by contacting Lexxie at the email address listed above.