Obamacare Exchanges Are Open But Sign-up Numbers Are Low

October 03, 2013

The Wonkblog reports that people have run into a tough time signing for Obamacare:

"I am trying to sign my wife up for an individual policy on Healthcare.gov and it's still basically impossible," one reader in Florida wrote to a writer at the Wonkblog today. The reader continued, "I tried to create the account again and was told my username already existed for another account. I then closed the web browser and started looking around for a drink (if it weren't 8:30 a.m...)."

The White House says that people have been able to sign up, but journalist are having trouble finding them. While the Wonkblog does reports that people have been able to sign up for state run exchanges (16 states run their own exchange), the federal exchanges are another story:

“But the federal marketplace is a bit of a black box right now. There's been heavy traffic, with over 4.7 million visitors since the exchanges opened for enrollment on Tuesday. The White House says some applicants have signed up, but didn't say how many. Rumors in the insurance industry hover in the single digits; several health plans say they are unaware of anyone signing up for their plan. BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina says it has enrolled one person.”

To see what we’ve written on Obamacare previously, see here

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