Municipal Bankruptcies Since 1988

July 23, 2013
  • March 1988 City of Copperhill, Tennessee
  • April 1991 City of Lipscomb, Alabama
  • June 1991 City of Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • October 1991 City of North Bonneville, Washington
  • December 1992 Town of North Courtland, Alabama
  • June 1994 City of Kinloch, Missouri
  • December 1994 County of Orange, California
  • June 1995 Town of Ozan, Arkansas
  • September 1996 Greene County, Alabama
  • April 1997 Town of Winstonville, Mississippi
  • September 1998 City of Macks Creek, Missouri
  • July 1999 City of Camden, New Jersey
  • October 1999 City Of Prichard, Alabama
  • April 2000 City of Westminster, Texas
  • September 2000 Town of Tyrone, Oklahoma
  • November 2000 City of Macks Creek, Missouri
  • June 2001 City of Kendleton, Texas
  • November 2001 Village of Hillsdale, Missouri
  • December 2001 City Of Desert Hot Springs, California
  • June 2002 City of Rio Bravo, Texas
  • November 2002 City of Reeds Spring, Missouri
  • October 2003 Village of Brooklyn, Illinois
  • October 2003 City of Iron Mountain Lake, Missouri
  • April 2004 City of Westminster, Texas
  • May 2004 Village of Washington Park, Illinois
  • December 2004 Town of Millport, Alabama
  • January 2005 Village of Alorton, Illinois
  • April 2005 Town of Muldrow, Oklahoma
  • August 2005 City of Camp Wood, Texas
  • January 2006 Town of Marshall Creek, Texas
  • December 2006 Town of Moffett, Oklahoma
  • February 2007 Town of Marion, Mississippi
  • April 2008 City of Gould, Arkansas
  • May 2008 City of Vallejo, California
  • April 2009 Westfall Township, Pennsylvania
  • July 2009 Village of Washington Park, Illinois
  • October 2009 Town of Moffett, Oklahoma
  • October 2009 City of Prichard, Alabama
  • March 2011 Boise County, Idaho
  • August 2011 City of Central Falls, Rhode Island
  • October 2011 City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • November 2011 County of Jefferson, Alabama
  • June 2012 City of Stockton, California
  • June 2012 City of Mammoth Lakes, California
  • August 2012 City of San Bernardino, California
  • July 2013 City of Detroit, Michigan

Before Detroit's bankruptcy, we were frequently asked - why no Michigan cities? Michigan since 1988 has a law empowering the Governor to appoint an Emergency Manager to restructure the finances and operations of cities nearing bankruptcy. Consequently, Michigan cities rarely enter federal bankruptcy protection, instead using the state procedure to restructure.

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