Lunch Links: Not So Sweet Soda Taxes Have Multi-City Appeal; Trump Includes Tax Reform in Efforts to Keep Carrier from Bolting; Christie Cites 'Blood Money' Tax Revenue in Shunning Marijuana Legalization for N.J.

November 28, 2016

Today is November 28, the date in 2014 when the national debt passed the $18 trillion mark. Today it stands at $19.9 trillion.

Here are some interesting links I came across:

Soda Taxes Coming to a City Near You: San Francisco, Oakland, Philadelphia, and Cook County (Illinois) are among the seven jurisdictions that have recently imposed new special taxes on soda. Supporters say it’s a momentum that will carry into 2017. (The New York Times)

Tax Reform Lobbying Frenzy Begins: From The Hill: Groups who benefit from the current tax code are looking to preserve their carveouts, while others are seeking not to be harmed by the pending overhaul. (The Hill)

New Administration Talking Tax Policy with Carrier: Trump and Pence are having talks with the company, which is planning to move 2,000 jobs from Indiana to Mexico. The discussions have included tax reform. (The Wall Street Journal)

Destination-Based Tax with Border Adjustment vs. Territorial Business Tax: My colleague Kyle Pomerleau explains what the differences are. (Tax Foundation)

Admirer of Thatcher Advances in French Presidential Election: Former Prime Minister Francois Fillon will likely face anti-immigrant Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election in May, after defeating conservative rivals Sunday. Fillon, who says Margaret Thatcher saved her country, has pledged to abolish the 35-hour work week, fire 500,000 civil servants, repeal the wealth tax, lower the corporate tax to 25 percent, and cut spending by €100 billion. (Bloomberg)

Christie a Tough Sell on Legal Marijuana: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said tax revenue from legal marijuana would be “blood money,” citing it as a gateway to other drugs. He pledged to resist any legalization effort in his state until he leaves office. (


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