The Affordable Care Act Turns 3

March 22, 2013

This week marks the third anniversary of President Obama signing into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka "ObamaCare." Peter Suderman has a good round-up of the current state of the debate over health care policy and the impacts of the ACA:

The president’s health care overhaul has already had a rough life. Since passage, it’s survived a Supreme Court challenge, more than two dozen repeal votes in Congress, and host of implementation hurdles and political controversies. And that’s just the beginning: The law’s major coverage provisions — a Medicaid expansion and private health insurance subsidies administered through state-based health exchanges — won’t kick in until later this year.

I recently interviewed economist Alan Viard of the American Enterprise Institute for the Tax Policy Podcast on the ACA's 3.8% Medicare tax on high-earners. This is the same tax that has been frequently (and erroneously) cited as a tax on home sales. The provision, technically the "Unearned Income Medicare Contribution," has been so controversial that a previous post by former Tax Foundation economist Gerald Prante debunking it has been one of the most widely-read in our 8-year blog history. Small business owners looking for practical advice on how they could be impacted by the tax should take a look at this Forbes piece from earlier in the year.

More recent updates include "Obamacare Medical Device Tax Still Baffling Business" by economist Kyle Pomerleau and "Obamacare Tax Increases Will Impact Us All" by government relations associate Andrew Lundeen.

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