Salt Lake Tribune Cites Tax Foundation's Location Matters Study

March 12, 2012

"Utah's corporate tax burden rated light, but does it matter?"

By Cathy Mckitrick

Utah ranks favorably in a new study that compares the total tax burden levied on old and new corporations across all 50 states.

The 200-page "Location Matters" places Utah sixth from the top in terms of lightest tax burden for mature firms (10 years old and up) and 10th overall for newly established firms that qualify for incentives.

 Its promoters say the research will be an invaluable tool for companies, but others wonder whether the numbers tell the whole story.

Compiled by the Washington D.C.-based Tax Foundation and KPMG LLP, a global audit and tax firm, the study uses seven hypothetical firm models -- corporate headquarters, research and development facilities, retail stores, call centers, distribution centers, capital-intensive manufacturing and labor-intensive manufacturing.

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