Chicago Sun-Times quotes Scott Drenkard on local sales taxes

January 01, 2012

Change for Cook County in 2012


January 1, 2012

The next time you dine out or buy a big screen television in Cook County, you should find a little extra change in your pocket.

That’s because with the dawn of a new year, Cook County’s sales tax fell a quarter cent. In most parts of Chicago, the combined city, county and state sales tax rate falls from 9.75 percent to 9.5 percent on all retail purchases except groceries.


“Basic economics teaches us that if you lower the price of doing something, people will do more of it,” Scott W. Drenkard, an analyst with the independent Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation, wrote in an email to the Sun-Times.

“While Cook County may have a ways to go before it is competitive with its neighbors in Wisconsin, this is a step in the right direction.”

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